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Tetra Crystal Filter Carbon Cartridge - 3 Pack


Sugru Repair Stick Fix Mould, Silicon Putty WaterProof - 8 Pack (5g)

Sugru Air-Curing Rubber - Fix, Repair, Create - 3 Mini Packs (5g)

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Sugru Size: 5 Grams

Sugru is mould-able glue.

Stick it, Shape it, and overnight it will turn into rubber.

From fixing things to creative projects, Sugru makes thousands of small DIY jobs around the home easy and fun. Do-ers of the world, it’s time to get excited.

1. Stick it.
Sugru sticks permanently to lots of stuff like ceramics, glass, metal, wood, and most plastics and fabrics.

2. Shape it.
It’s time to build, seal, fix, create, and stick things together. You have 30 minutes to get the job done

3. It turns into rubber
Give it 24 hours. Sugru turns into a durable, flexible silicone rubber that stays stuck (unless you remove it).

Sugru has a range of very useful physical properties
  • Mould-able – fills gaps and replaces missing parts
  • Adhesive – bonds anything to almost anything
  • Flexible – like rubber, once it’s set
  • Strong – durable in all weathers
  • Range of colours – blend in or stand out
  • Temperature resistant from -50°C (-58°F) to +180°C(356°F).
  • Dishwasher proof and salt-water proof
  • Electrically insulating – for low voltage consumer electronics below 24 volts, like USB cables and phone chargers.

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    Box Contains:
    Sugru 3 Packs Each Pack Contains 5 Grams.