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  • ProRep ES Basking Spotlamp, 60 Watt ProRep ES Basking Spotlamp, 60 Watt

ProRep ES Basking Spotlamp, 60 Watt

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ProRep Basking Spot Lamp

Spotlamp for day-active species
Creates a local hot spot for basking species
Provides light and heat and increases ambient air temperature
Encourages natural thermo-regulatory behaviour

Select an appropriate colour lamp to emphasise the features of your set-up and to simulate your animals natural environment. Make sure that the wattage is appropriate for the animal and enclosure size and construction.

Use in an approved fitting of the correct type. Mount the light directly above the basking site approximately 1/3 from one end of the tank to create a temperature gradient allowing natural thermo-regulatory behaviour.

Encourages natural thermo regulatory behaviour
Use as a basking lamp
Creating a heat gradient
Allow you to direct the heat to a desired basking spot area in your reptiles enclosure
Spot lamp for day active species


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