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  • Plantur 21 Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo for Coloured & Stressed Hair 250ml Plantur 21 Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo for Coloured & Stressed Hair 250ml

Plantur 21 Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo for Coloured & Stressed Hair 250ml

Quick Overview

Active substances

Caffeine activates the hair root and improves hair growth

Biotin regulates the energy balance of the hair roots and contributes to the healthy maintenance of hair growth

Zinc is the most important trace element in hair and a growth factor for healthy hair roots

Calcium and magnesium improve the resistance of the hair roots


It is best to wash your hair daily with the mild Plantur21 Nutri-caffeine shampoo. The hair root is exposed to high loads every day and therefore needs regular care units. So that the effect of the shampoo can unfold fully, let it affect 2 minutes on the scalp. Thus, the active caffeine can penetrate into the hair root.

Lean hair growth? Premature hair loss?

Both are more common in young women than you think. A common reason: the extremely high energy demand of the growth-active hair roots is not adequately covered.

To produce healthy, strong hair, a hair root consumes about 800% more energy compared to the dormant organ. This energy process can easily be put off balance.

Possible triggers can be: stresses such as mental or physical stress (examination stress, performance sports, lack of sleep, shift work, strain from family and/or occupation), but also the undersupply of nutrients through one-sided diet or Reduction diets also count.

If several causes come together, this can lead to a lack of energy and to an undersupply of micro-nutrients. The hair roots then pause involuntarily – lean hair growth and hair loss are the result.

Traditional hair care alone will not help. Rather, the problem must be tackled directly in the hair root. After a reaction time of 120 seconds, the active caffeine can penetrate into the hair root and unfold its effect.

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With lean hair growth

The Nutri-caffeine complex in Plantur 21 helps to prevent a lack of energy in the hair root.

The Plantur 21-caffeine brakes above all the dismantling of the important energy carrier camp.

It is already detectable after 120 seconds of reaction time at the hair root. In addition, the valuable micro-nutrients of biotin, magnesium, calcium and zinc act. They are important factors for healthy and vigorous hair growth. The Nutri-Caffeine shampoo has also been developed for colored and damaged hair. It contains care substances that repair the externally stressed hair. The hair is not subjected to strain, as no heavy-weight silicone is applied.


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