I wanted to try something new

Steph - Warehouse Manager

I joined onogo three years ago after trying a few different kinds of work and not settling. I wanted to try something new, so applied as a warehouse team member. I started out Picking & Packing. Over time and through hard work, being open to new tasks, I got to learn all of the fulfilment processes. Recently I worked my way up to being warehouse manager (which I'm really proud of).

Knowing I'm part of great team definitely helps make the role much easier

In my time at onogo, the inventory has grown massively. We have more deliveries arriving than ever. To cater for the increased activity; we've made improvements to our processes and storage. Managing the business fulfilment needs alongside this change has been a challenge. But knowing I'm part of great team definitely helps make the role much easier.

While all jobs in the business like to see themselves as 'essential' the only one that's truly imperative to online retail is getting the 5000+ orders per day picked, packed and dispatched.

Warehouse management spans a wide range of responsibilities:

  • Ensuring deliveries are scheduled into Goods-in and managing the process of new items being checked & added to the inventory or restocked.
  • Using various software to handle the days picking.
  • Monitoring the efficiency and accuracy of the packing team and planning the staffing rota to ensure we have enough resource to achieve our 24 hour dispatch target.
  • Ensuring all the days' orders are accounted for and match the dispatch manifests.
  • Plan and manage product locations, restocking and quarterly stock takes.
  • Making sure customers all over the world get their little bit of happiness on time every time.

We work hard every day, the warehouse is a fast paced environment with much of the time spent on our feet, all of our tasks are manual.

I find my job really rewarding, knowing we play a huge part in the success of the business is really satisfying. Having this range of responsibilities and learning all of the required parts helps keep me motivated.

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