As an individual I am quite active and social; recently I’ve picked up surfing and spend a lot of time either in the sea or walking around the coasts. I also enjoy drawing and am currently re-learning to play bass guitar.

I began my career after secondary school by going straight into full time work, which looking back was the best decision for me at the time. Prior to joining Onogo in July 2019 I was the Senior Sales Executive for a telecommunications company responsible for creating phone and broadband contracts for new and existing customers.

After working many years in retail I wanted a change of atmosphere and felt I had many transferable skills suited to work in E-Commerce, which is why I joined Onogo as a trainee buyer. In less than two years I’ve developed my skills and have progressed to Assistant Manager, looking after our Pets department.

My role is to ensure that my department is performing and meeting expectations, which involves buying and sourcing new products, restocking existing lines, looking after our existing supplier relationships, finding new suppliers to work with, as well as maintaining compliance within my department. The job itself is varied and there is always a lot to do so I find it to be an interesting and rewarding position to be in.

I enjoy working at Onogo as the company has allowed me to find my feet and develop my skills. I have gained the confidence in myself to succeed and proven to myself that I am capable of more than I give myself credit for. I am grateful to Onogo for seeing this potential and supporting me in my growth, they further empower me by giving me the autonomy and trust to perform my job.
The main challenge we face in our team is learning to adapt in an ever changing sector. Problems we experience are often outside of our control such as in our supply chain, the marketplaces we sell on or economic factors so we have to be constantly proactive in learning how to maintain our edge and innovate to find alternative ways to succeed.
I feel I make a real contribution to the success of the business by keeping our Pets department performing well, I am so proud of what we have achieved and where the department currently stands.

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