A little bit about me personally - I am passionate about my fitness and enjoying running and cycling.  I’m based in the UK but love spending time enjoying the outdoors in Jersey; the island is a beautiful place to be.  

Professionally, I have over 20 years experience in senior Buying, Category Management & Supply Chain roles predominantly in larger, corporate organisations in the UK. I joined Onogo in January 2021 as Head of Buying to lead the Buying team and also to join the Senior Leadership Team; being part of a fast paced growing business with continued expansion plans is what initially attracted me to the company. 

I have the responsibility for the buying and stock management of the company as well as meeting (or exceeding) company targets. Many of the principles I’ve learnt and experience I’ve gained throughout my career apply to my role at Onogo, but the speed of change within the company and 100% ecommerce retailing mean there is still lots of opportunity to develop my knowledge.

I enjoy working for Onogo because we are enabled and encouraged to turn new ideas into reality quickly, which is a real change from the corporate world I’ve come from. The welcome and induction into the company was fantastic and I feel part of an overall team where change and ambition is the norm.

In my time with the company so far I’ve really enjoyed learning about the business and its huge potential. I am enjoying the collaboration and interaction with other departments as we all depend on each other to serve our customers in the best way possible.

One of the challenges I face in my role is the, at times, complex world of marketplace retailing, it has been a steep learning curve with a lot of new processes to learn and a lot of data to digest. That learning though helps me to identify a huge amount of unique opportunities to explore in a market that’s growing and expanding all of the time.

For every business, the key component of success is the numbers, based on our ranges, prices and stocks. As well as those core responsibilities, supporting our growth into new markets and platforms is key to the future success of Onogo.

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