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Amazon is the undefeated champion of eCommerce. Any brand looking to sell online today would be crazy not to include Amazon at the top of their strategy. However, as any business trading on the platform will attest, this marketplace is as challenging as it is abundant. Read More
After a year of terrific growth and 13 years serving the US & Canada markets, June sees the exciting launch of Onogo US INC. Read More
Listen to one of our team talk on a podcast about implementing workflow software to support our growth. Read More
On the Talking Pathways podcast, Paul shares his insights and lessons in how he's unlocking the growth potential in this online business. Read More
The speed of change within the company and 100% ecommerce retailing mean there is still lots of opportunity to develop my knowledge. Read More
I have learnt so much about e-commerce, marketplace buying and selling, logistics, and tech since I joined (and I still have a lot more to learn as the industry never stays still!) Read More
I have been part of Onogo and the growing retail world for 6 years and I believe my knowledge of the Company and what makes it tick is very important. Read More
I am grateful to Onogo for seeing this potential and supporting me in my growth, they further empower me by giving me the autonomy and trust to perform my job. Read More
It really allowed me to develop my business skills and encouraged me to use my initiative Read More