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  • Manuka 15g Manuka 15g
  • Manuka 15g Manuka 15g

Kruuse Manuka G 15g - Sterile Honey Wound Dressing Gel

Quick Overview

  • Sterile honey wound dressing
  • 100% Leptospermum scoparium honey from New Zealand
  • May be used to add honey directly to the wound and provide a moist wound environment conducive to healing.
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Promotes moist wound healing
The features of KRUUSE Manuka Honey help the autolytic debridement and enhance the moist wound healing in many

Honey’s pH creates the desired acidic environment

Honey’s pH (3.6–3.7) creates the desired acidic environment that has been shown to decrease bacterial growth, increase fibroblast activity, and increase oxygen release, all of which promote wound healing further.

Osmotic action due to honey’s high osmolarity.

Increased osmolarity draws fluid and lymph from the underlying tissues and this fluid provides nourishment to the healing wound.

Glucose oxidase effect
Glucose oxidase produces hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid, which provide the main antibacterial qualities of honey.
The well-tolerated, low levels of hydrogen peroxide promote angiogenesis and fibroblast activity, enhancing oxygen delivery to tissue.

Reduced Cost
The dressing can be left on the wound for 3 to 5 days depending on the wound status. This reduces the number of dressing changes, need of sedation and bandage material.

Easy to apply
After wound bed preparation simply apply the dressing needed.
Evaluate the wound for amount of exudate and time to the next dressing change.

Reduces smell, leads to good compliance from the patient When the honey works and reduces the bacteria burden, it often takes away the bad odour, that comes from an infected wound.


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