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Hair Care

Our hair care accessories are focused on strengthening and protecting the condition of fine, brittle and stressed hair. Our hair accessories offer a unique formula that encourages the growth of thinning hair follicles. The Phyto-caffeine based products are perfect for anyone who has lower oestrogen levels and is concerned about the strength and well being of their hair or for anyone who simply wants to maintain a healthy scalp.

Specifically designed for woman going through the menopause, we can guarantee that these shampoo,conditioners and treatments will revive your hair, of the care that is longs for. Hair loss is a common factor of the menopause and this has a devastating effect on a woman's confidence making them feel unattractive or aged.

Caffeine is used in the products due to its stimulating effect which penetrates into the hair roots and reduces the impact of hair loss. Treat yourself today and browse through our unique and exclusive product range.

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