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Copyright & Warranties

Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Rights

Decrescent Limited shall retain exclusive proprietary rights over its applications, data, materials, code, or any other content being provided on this website, or the website of its collaborating partners and service providers. Nothing in this agreement shall grant you any kind of ownership or intellectual property rights over the content, application, data or materials that you might access or download while using this website.

Subject to the provisions of this agreement, you shall have a user right to access or download a single copy of shared content for non-commercial and personal use. However, this right shall be limited to only those areas of the website which are essential for using the website or act as the shopping resource. You should never attempt to edit, modify, or change the copyright and other notices that are part of the downloaded content. These limitations may not apply in case of products and services that are available on the website for sale or sub-licensing.

Unless authorized by applicable laws, any violation of this section while using our services, software applications, codes, data or other materials being offered on this website shall invoke the provisions related to a violation of the copyright or relevant laws related to unauthorized use of protected content. You shall be solely responsible for any liability that may arise in relation to your unauthorized activities and copyright violations on this website.

Limitation on Liability

Subject to your non-excludable rights, we disclaim all conditions and warranties to the fullest extent possible. Nothing on this website, including the advice, suggestion, recommendation or support tendered by the support executives and collaborating service providers shall create any implicit or explicit rights, conditions and warranties that have not been clearly mentioned in this agreement.

You should acknowledge that product, services and related content shall be deemed as educational and informative content, and used for this purpose only. Nothing on this website shall be deemed as any kind of diagnosis, cure, treatment or prevention from disease and health complications. This website is not a replacement of the conventional line of treatment, and you should consult your own doctor or heath care practitioner before relying on any opinion, suggestion or recommendation.

Nothing in this agreement shall be taken as an implicit or explicit guarantee of any kind, including but not limited to reliability, availability, and suitability for a particular purpose, merchantability of products and services, or non-infringement of titles and / or property rights.

Nothing in this agreement shall be taken as an implicit or explicit guarantee that defects or errors will be quickly corrected; interruptions will be promptly restored, or the downloaded contents will be free from harmful viruses or malicious codes.

Nothing in this agreement shall be taken as an implicit or explicit warranty or representation of any kind regarding your access to the website or the accuracy, reliability, timeliness, completeness, suitability and availability of information, product or services being offered on the website or the website of its partners, affiliates and associated service providers. However, you should have certain statutory rights like receiving actual products and services with satisfactory quality and suitable for their intended purposes. Nothing in this agreement shall affect your statutory rights. You can find more information about your statutory rights at your Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Office.

Decrescent Limited shall never seek exclusion of its liabilities for fraudulent representation by the company or its agent and employees. Nothing in this agreement shall shield the contracting parties from direct liabilities that may arise due to fraud, misrepresentation, personal injury or death caused by the negligence of the other party.

Nothing on this website shall make us liable for loss of profit, opportunity, merchantability or other kinds of indirect and unforeseeable losses. We shall be liable to only direct and reasonably foreseeable losses that my result from a breach of this contract on our part. In any case, our total liabilities shall never exceed the amount you paid for placing your order.

Subject to applicable laws, the contracting parties to this agreement shall not be held liable for any obligations that remain unfulfilled due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the other party, including but not limited to natural calamities, accidents, terrorist activities, civil disturbances and war.

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