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  • CAN-C Eye Drops 2x 5ml Vials CAN-C Eye Drops 2x 5ml Vials

Can-C Eye Drops 2x 5ml Vials

Quick Overview

Helps with Anti-Aging as well with Cataracts,  N-acetylcarnosine Can-C Eye drops are IVP approved and meets ISO standards.

  • Fast Acting with results noticeable within a month's time.
  • Can be used on cataracts in both humans and pet dogs alike.
  • Product of 10 years of research.
  • Deliverable and stable at the cellular level.
  • Two (2) 5 ml vials per box. 

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Can-C eye drops are the world's first N-acetylcarnosine eye drop to be approved by Innovate Vision Products (IVP). Can-C eye drops are also fast acting with maximum obtainable results achieved with a 3-5 month time period, however results can usually be noticed after a month.

In Russian Clinical Trials N-acetylcarnosine Can-C Eye drops had a 100% effective rate with patients suffering from cataracts.  N-acetylcarnosine Can-C Eye drops are also meets ISO standards for the design/formulation of sterile contact lens solution and pharmaceutical solutions.



  • Wash hands with soap and water.
  • Look toward the ceiling with both eyes open.
  • Pull lower lid down with one hand to enlarge the opening.
  • Hold bottle in other hand and turn directly upside down. Then carefully line up with the eye.
  • Gently squeeze to instill “one drop” then gently close the eye for 60 seconds. The tip of the vial should never touch the eye.
  • Wait 5 – 10 minutes or even an hour or more between applications to the same eye to prevent overflow of the product and to ensure maximum benefit.
  • For cataract, apply a total of 4 drops daily to each affected eye. For general health improvement apply 2 drops daily to each eye.

Can-C™ Ingredients:

N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC) 1.0% (approved by IVP), Glycerin (lubricant) 1.0%, Carboxymethylcellulose sodium (lubricant) 0.3%, Excipients:Sterile Water (Ophthalmic Grade Isotonic Solution, pH 6.3 to 6.5), Buffers: Potassium Bicarbonate and Boric Acid, Purified Benzyl Alcohol (Preservative) 0.3%

To download 'The Cataract Cure' ebook click here.

BrandCan C

Q: How many drops from a 5ml vial of Can-C Eye Drops?

A: According to the manufacturer each vial contains approximately 80 drops

Q: How long does 5ml vial of Can-C Eye Drops last?

A: Based on the recommeneded doseage of 2 drops twice a day per eye. Each vial when used consistently should last about 20 days.

Q: How should I store Can-C Eye Drops?

A: Once a 5ml vial is opened it should be stored in a fridge and used within 30 days.

Unopened vials can be stored at room temperature. However it's recommended that for long-term storage vials should be kept in a fridge at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. Freezing is not recommended. Note that unopened vials are good for up to 24 months, from the date of manufacture.

Q: Can Can-C Eye Drops be used on Dogs to treat cataracts?

A: In clinical trials Dogs with both immature and ripe cataract responded quickly to the daily applications of Can-C eye drops. 96% of canine eyes treated with N-acetyl-carnosine (Can-C) showed notable improvements.

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