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Gorilla Glue Co.

Gorilla Glue Co.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Gorilla Glue Company has been selling their Gorilla tough products for over two decades.  The product that started it all, the Original Gorilla Glue, was discovered being used in Indonesia on teak furniture. Soon after its discovery Gorilla Glue Company found that the glue is incredibly versatile and the demand suddenly soared.

Glue however, is not the only product that the Gorilla Glue Company makes. In an effort to make products that deliver impressive results Gorilla Glue Company has ventured out to include Gorilla Tap, Gorilla Super Glue, Gorilla Construction Adhesive amongst a slew of other products.

But the Gorilla Glue Company does not only strive to make great products but they also strive to make the company great for its employees. Gorilla Glue Company has been family-owned since the beginning and has been selected as one of the top places to work in Cincinnati for over 7 straight years.

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