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Being a family owned company, Cressi creates premium water sports products for avid swimmers and for people who just love the water and ocean.  Cressi's legacy began in 1939 when two brothers began to share their passion and vision for the sea and gift for technical design to the world.

By 1946 Cressi had already became a household name and the company of Cressi was officially founded in Genoa, Italy. Moving to the present, Cressi is now one of the worldwide leaders in water sports manufacturing with its headquarters still located in Genoa, Italy.

Even with the more than 70 years of product innovations, Cressi still strives to continually improve. From the handcrafted Sirena mask which debuted in 1943 to the revolutionary blade material of the Rondine Gara in 1988,  each product is easily tested in the water of beautiful marine bay of Portofino.

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